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Maheshtala College was established on 11th November, 1971 to fulfill a long-cherished dream of a few visionaries in the Maheshtala – Nangi- Batanagar area of setting up an institution  to impart collegiate education to the students of the locality, who had no other alternatives, but to travel a long way for their higher education or to discontinue it midway.  Initially, the college got affiliation from the University of Calcutta for 3 - year degree and Pre-University course in Arts only. Classes were held in Sarengabad High School and it was only later that the college shifted to its present campus, set up partly by government funds , donations in the form of money and labour from local people, teachers and staff and a lot of hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow for their children. The founding members emphasized more on reaching out to a large section of students rather than on academic excellence,

which they believed would eventually follow. Rather, the focus was on nurturing excellence in the young impressionable human minds that would be mentored to achieve success in their later professional and entrepreneurial ventures and lead happy, healthy lives.


Our former teachers and non-teaching staff were felicitated for their

exemplary contribution to the college by the present Principal and

teaching and non teaching staff members on the Foundation Day of

the college, on 11th November, 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                  Prof. Benutosh Guha


To commemorate the fond memory and unparalleled commitment of our Founder-Principal, Prof Benutosh Guha, a special programme was organised in the college on March 31, 2019 where the departed visionary’s son Sri Kaushik Guha & his wife were invited. Benutosh Guha Corner for Self-Reliance and Competitive Exams was established for the present students preparing for professional exams and self-enrichment.


Former teachers and staff come to the college and enrich the present with their motivating talks, anecdotes of the past and their consummate wisdom.



 “May the noble vision of the founding fathers of the college be

fulfilled under the present leadership of the college”                                                            

       Prof. Gobinda Bakshi,  Prof. of English  (Retd. 1998)


“Maheshtala College is a most precious gem in my heart; the treasure

trove of memories of my college is one of my most valued possessions.

Stay blessed my dear colleagues.”

      Dr. Rekha Sarkar,  Prof of Sanskrit  (Retd. 2007)

The long journey of the college from its inception to the present day

has been both laborious and fascinating, thanks to the dedication and

sacrifice of many to whom I am indebted. I wish the college more success

in future.”          

                            Prof Biswanath Ganguly, Prof of History and TIC (Retd. 2007)

 “Let the institution be put above everything in its pursuit of progress.

I got my identity from Maheshtala College – I want to see it flourish in

days to come.”

Prof Soumendu Sengupta, Principal (Retd. 2016)


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