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                           Name: Sankar Naskar 

                           Subject: (H) 

                           Passing Year:  2004

                          Occupation:  Resional Business Manager at Eris life sciences Ltd.

                         Name: Mandira Saha.

                         Passing Year:  2009
                         Occupation: Teacher, Maheshtala High school.

                          Name: Fatema khatun

                          Subject: Philosophy

                          Passing Year:  B.A.(2006), M.A.(2008), MPhil(2016), NET(2012), SET(2018)

                          Occupation:  Assistant Professor (From- 01/08/2019)

                                                 Kabi Joydeb Mohavidyalaya Illambazar, Birbhum

                            Name: Javed Hasan

                            Passing year: 2005

                            Subject: English

                           Occupation: Sr. Functional Consultant



About College:

Our college is a place where we want to come again, where we had our greatest share of happiness and pain, the friendship of friends, crush’s rejection. It was the time when Sundays were boring missing the gossips, backbiting, and nonsense at the college lawn. It’s our college where the birthday celebration turned up with birthday bumps, hitting with belts and shoes.

Exams sucked like hell. But we never used to study for that. We always believed in last time preparation. We used to check the syllabus and then checking the time left for exams. Then finally decide to study later.

During a test when the teacher passed by, we cover our answers with our hands so that the teacher can’t see how stupid we were.
No matter where we are, we always miss our College campus, the numerous bunks, so many hands on one lunch box, lifetime friends and always wish if we could bring those days back. 

Message for the Teachers:

We may not say it out to you aloud, but you make a beautiful impact on our lives without a doubt. We may sometimes behave annoyingly, but deep down in our hearts we know that you care for us lovingly. Thank you.

Name: Kinshuk Mayur
  working in  Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited.

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