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  • Education

  • Empowerment

  • Equity

  • Excellence


  • Ensure education and opportunities for all.

  • Empower students to ideate, innovate and aspire to become global citizens.


  • To provide 360 degree quality education which will enable students to thrive in academics as well as motivate them towards character building, leadership, extra and co-curricular activities

  • To disseminate knowledge and encourage skill-acquisition to increase competence and capability in a fast-evolving world

  • To uphold plurality and respect for all through community engagements

  • To edify today’s youth about country’s ancient values, culture and traditions through interdisciplinary and cross-cutting approach

  • To foster and facilitate ‘learning to earning’ trajectory in students through industry-academia interface, entrepreneurship and skill development, and encouraging innovation and sustainable development.

  • To sensitise students about contemporary issues, their responsibilities towards nature, the society they live in, and towards the country and countrymen.


  • Inspire courage to know

  • Inculcate global outlook 

  • Access appropriate knowledge and skillset

  • Express moral and ethical values through actions

  • Update, upscale, upgrade

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