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Principal's Message


What is the secret of success? Earning lots of money, acquiring a decent job or chalking out a dream career cannot be the benchmark of success. The secret of success is regarding every setback as another opportunity, as a stepping stone on the path to the ultimate progress. At Maheshtala College, our endeavour is to empower our students to believe in themselves, to have the courage to dream and to believe that they can achieve their objectives if only they focus on the positive. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all, and hence, our efforts are directed to instill in our students an empathy towards fellow-humans. We try to enrich our students with new resources and approaches, and sensitise them about the challenges of the modern world. Our holistic teaching modules motivate young minds and awake the indomitable zeal latent in them 'to strive, to seek, to find and never to yield'. A few years shy of our golden jubilee, we at Maheshtala College pride ourselves in scripting such success stories where success is measured by smiles and contentment, where small slow steps gradually become steady and move ahead, not alone, but with fellow human-beings, respecting their struggles, their needs, their feelings. Every student at Maheshtala College is a winner in his or her own way. They are rainbows in a world of darkness, intolerance,poverty of the mind. At Maheshtala College, it is our consistent effort to provide education that enhances human dignity, and that enables students to be better human beings who can usher in better tomorrows. Charaibeti!

Dr. Rumpa Das (M.A., Ph.D.)


Phone : 033-2490-8350


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