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EVENTS 2021-2022


Different programmes are organized by NSS , academic departments, different cells of the college.

•             Sampurnaa – Equity, Excellence, Empowerment  organized by the College every year for five days for celebrating International Women’s Day and gender equity

•             Samabyathi –forum for Mental and Psychological Support created to offer solidarity and support to all stakeholders to combat Lockdown-related depression

NSS Unit of the college carried out following programmes-

•             7day sanitization and  Covid awareness programme 16-23rd Nov 2021

•             On 23rd November, 2021 poster presentation and lecture on Social harmony

•             A ‘Seven-Day Special Camp’ organized in Batanagar – Nangi area-

•             Day 1: 22.03.2022- Covid-19 awareness and sanitization camp

•             Day 2: 23.03.2022 – Plastic Packet boycott campaign in BataMore market.

•             Day 3: 24.03.2022 – Programme on ‘Recycling and Reuse of Wastewater’ in the slum areas of Nangi station.

•             Day 4: 25.03.2022 – Cleanliness Drive: College and surrounding areas.

•             Day-5: 26.03.2022 – Hygiene and Cleanliness Awareness Campaign in Memanpur area.(Red Ribbon Club fund)

•             Day 6: 28.03.2022 – Educational Awareness camp in Parbangla.

•             Day 7: 29.03.2022 –‘Health Awareness Camp’ in College campus.


•             Self safety awareness organized by Maheshtala Police Station on 19.04.2022.


•             World Health Day on 22.04.2022.

•             World Environment Day with Sapling distribution  5th June, 2022

•             On 21st June, 2022 Yoga Day celebration

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