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Department of  Philosophy

About the Department and Faculty Profile

Events and facilities

Lesson Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

Year of Establishment-

UG (General  course)- 1971

UG (Hons.course) -2002

Though Philosophy is an abstract and conceptual subject, teachers are able to help students to realise its practical worth in day to day life by their dedicated teaching as teachers are very concerned about student welfare and building them as socially committed citizens with knowledge and values.

Needy students are provided with books from the department.

Remedial classes are provided to weak and slow learners.

Substantial job opportunities in different service sectors.

Various guidance available through proper counselling and advice given by the faculties and psychologists.

Faculty Profile

Dept. of Philosophy

Malini Sen (M.A., M. Phil.)

Shampa Dasgupta (M.A., M. Phil.)

Moutusi Majumder (M.A., M. Phil.)

Kailash Mahata

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


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