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Department of  Political Science

About the Department and Faculty Profile

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Lesson Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

The Department of Political Science offers scope to the students interested in knowing the process of decision making with the help of understanding government and political affairs at local, regional, state and international levels. The department develops a student’s capacity to analyze, interpret and evaluate political events and interactions.


We envision a system where in there is a great interplay and exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions which develop people empowered with noble character and wholesome values. They go out into the fields of actions to build a world of love, harmony, peace and knowledge.

  • Year of Establishment:  UG (General Course) -1971.  UG (Honors Course) -1998. 

  • Courses Offered:  UG (Honors and General)

  • Intake capacity : Total 26 for Hons

  • Names of Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved:  BA (General) & BA (Honours), in collaboration with departments of History, Education, Economics, Geography, Journalism, Philosophy, Bengali.

Faculty profile

Dept. of Political Science

Assistant Professor

Ranajit Das (M.A., M. Phil.)

Assistant Professor


Sanjibita Mondal (M.A., M. Phil.)

Asis Naskar (M.A., M.Phil.)

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