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Department of  English


About the Department and Faculty Profile

Events and Facilities

Lesson Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

The Department of English started its journey as a part of the General Courses offered by Maheshtala College since its inception in 1971. The English Honours Course started in 2001. More than fifteen batches have already completed their Honours degree from the Department. The intake capacity of the Department has been increased from 15 to 64 to cater to the growing demand of the subject. At present the Department has two full-time teachers, Dr. Rumpa Das, who is also the Principal of the College, and Dr. Sanghamitra Ganguly. There are also three guest teachers in the Department.

The Departmental teachers regularly use PowerPoint presentations and the Internet facilities to teach the students, besides the regular classroom lectures. The students are given study materials via email and whatsapp. There is a departmental library that is available to the students, as well as the central library. The Department also regularly arranges for guest lecture sessions in which eminent scholars from other universities and colleges speak, film shows related to the syllabi, workshops, etc. for the benefit of the students. The students are encouraged to make wall magazines, and also take part in students’ seminars, quiz and other academic activities organized by the Department. It is an ongoing effort of the teachers of the Department to make them equipped for the world outside, which they can face with confidence and aplomb.

Scope of the subject : Pursuing Higher Studies, Teaching, Government Jobs (Civil Services), Professional Writing (Script-writing, copywriting, writing contents for websites or a publication house), Translators, Event Management.

Faculty Profile

Dept. of English

Dr. Rumpa Das (M.A., Ph.D)

Dr. Sanghamitra Ganguly (M.A., Ph.D)

Suchismita Neogi (M.A.)

Rai Sarkar (M.A.)

Reeswav Chatterjee

Raj Das

Principal & Professor

Assistant Professor





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