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Department of  History


About the Department and Faculty Profile

Events and facilities

Lesson Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT : 1971 (General Course), 1998 (Honours Course)                     

Names of Programmes/ Courses Offered (UG) : Under Graduate Course on B.A. Honours, B.A. General.

Names of Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved :  BA (General) & BA (Honours), in collaboration with departments of Philosophy, Political Science, Bengali, Sanskrit, Education and Geography.



Historiographical Literacy:

Critical Thinking: Students will learn to apply historical methods to evaluate critically the record of the past and how historians and others have interpreted it.

Research Skills: Students will acquire basic historical research skills.

Communication Skills: Students will learn to organize and express their thoughts clearly both in writing and orally.


Career Opportunities: School Teacher, Professor in College and University, Researcher, Government service, Heritage manager, Historic buildings inspector or officer, Tourist guide, Museum or gallery exhibitions officer.

Faculty Profile

Dept. of History

Amiya Sarkar (M.A., B.Ed. )

Sonatan Soren (B.Ed, M.A., M.Phil)

Prasanta Paul (M.A., B.Ed. )

Ankan Ray (M.A., M. Phil.)

Kishore Roy Sarkar (M.A., M. Phil)

Assistant Professor



Assistant Professor


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