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Department of  Journalism

About the Department and Faculty Profile

Events and facilities

Lesson Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

Started in the year 2003 Under graduate course(general) University of Calcutta.

Student intake – general – 20

Offers the students with extensive theory and practical classes along with remedial and tutorials.

Follows annual system as per the rules and regulations of Calcutta University.

Extensive internal evaluation after each module.

Besides focusing on studies the department also monitors or does various activities.

The department releases its monthly magazine named ‘ Wings ’ on a monthly basis.

Under the guidance of the H.O.D the students go to many field works such as radio station, television studio, printing press and others.

Students of the department also participate in various cultural activities such as rabindrajayanti celebration , independence day celebration, etc.

Faculty Profile

Dept. of Journalism


Anupama Das (M.A.)


Arghya Mukhopadhyay (M.A., M.A.)

Mohammed Johaed  

Assistant Professor

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