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Department of  Mathematics

About the Department and Faculty Profile

Events and facilities

Lesson Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

The Department of Mathematics has started its journey since 1996. Initially B.Sc. General course was offered. From the year 2003, B.Sc. Honours in Mathematics was introduced. Now intake capacity is 20. This department run succesfully with the help of full time teacher and some guest lecturers. the teachers are very helpful. Cordial student teacher relationship exists.
Department has a departmental library which is very helpful to the students. Students are given study materials also. Different seminars, students-seminars, guest lecture sessions are organized regularly.

Faculty Profile

Assistant Professor

Sasanka Sekhar Maity (M.SC., B.Ed.)


Ajijur Rahaman Mallick (M.Sc.)

Dept. of Mathematics

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