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Department of  Economics


About the Department and Faculty Profile

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Lession Plan and Syllabus

About the Department

With the aim of holistic development of our students, we work towards creating an environment that helps them to grow in various aspects and provide the much needed co-curricular and extra-curricular exposure in currently high-demanding times. Our aim is to nurture leadership qualities, developing organizing skills and promoting teamwork; as well as promote creative and critical thinking.

The department started its journey at the year 1971 as general course and honours course at 2003.

It introduces students to the basics of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical methods for economics and other specialized areas like Data Analysis, Rural development, Statistics for economics, Introductory Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Economic history of India, Developmental Economics, Environmental Economics, Public Finance, International Trade, Money and Financial Markets, and Indian Economy. The department is credited with highly dynamic and meritorious group of faculty, along with a vibrant and active student council, which regularly organizes seminars, lectures etc, and giving ample opportunity to students to contribute positively to the department. Graduates can pursue a Masters course in the subject or opt for direct placement in several corporate and governmental organizations.

The department has distinguished teaching faculty. It has two full-time Faculties and a part time teacher to cater to the student’s needs. Every year, faculties from other eminent institutes are invited to deliver lectures in their fields of specialization.


  • To maintain high quality standards in teaching and learning.

  • To motivate students to develop the spirit of excellence.

  • To encourage research and extension activities.


  • The vision of the department is to provide our students a strong academic foundation in economic theory and encourage them to apply their knowledge to analyze economic issues and policies.

Faculty Profile

Dept. of Economics

Sanjok Lohar (M.A.)

Assistant Professor

Subhasis De (M.A.)

Assistant Professor

Manas Mitra (M.Sc.)


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